The price is discounted because of stains occurred as a result of hand-dyed. It’s only visual effect and it does not affect functionality of the case. All stains you can see in the pictures.

Exclusive handmade fountain pen case for real connoisseurs.

  • Vegetable tanned leather, much more durable and strength than chrome tanned leather.
  • Hand-dyed gives colour depth and uniqueness, possibility of usage many different colors.
  • Edges finished with specialistic dye.
  • Hand-sewn, saddle stitch. Sides sewn by box stitch. Very strong and more durable than a machine stitch – when a saddle stitch breaks, the threads bind each other in place, by contrast, a machine stitch quickly unravel.
  • Soft lining for additional protection of pens surface.
  • Thick and stiff sides for additional strength and protection.
  • Pull-out divider, which can be used as a tray. The case without divider can be used for storage other items.
  • The case is designed also for bigger fountain pens.


  • Pen case for 4 pens
  • Width: 9,0 cm
  • Thickness: 2,7 cm
  • Height: around 15,0 cm, depend on dimensions of fountain pens inside
  • Leather thickness (with lining): around 3 mm back and front wall, around 5 mm sides and around 2 mm dividers