· Vegetable tanned leather, much more durable and strength than chrome tanned leather

· Hand-sew, saddle stitch. Very strong and more durable than a machine stitch – when a saddle stitch breaks, the threads bind each other in place, by contrast, a machine stitch quickly unravel

· Hand-dyed what gives colour depth and uniqueness, possibility of usage many different colors          


· Designed for bigger pens – up to 17 cm with a diameter of approx. 18 mm.

· Each sleeve is asymmetric – height is bigger than depth. Such solution gives possibility of putting pen with a clip in by one hand (Now you do not need to bend the clip each time with other hand). Putting in and out the pen with a clip not destroy the sleeve. This shape allows also to hold standard and even slimmer pens.

· On the back side of the case is a pocket which contains A6 notebook, like Midori passport, Field notebook and so on. The pocket is outside of the case, so you can take your notes without opening it. You can also keep your smartphone there.

· Additional pocket is between sleeves and front wall. Here you can also keep A6 notebook, but it’s also safe place for business cards or fast notes.


· Width: 11,5 cm

· Thickness: 2,5 cm

· Height: 16,5 – 17,0 cm

· Leather thickness (in the next projects): 2,0 – 2,5 mm for walls and 1,0 – 1,5 for sleeves. Such thickness gives very good protection and stiffness